Malpractice: What to Do if You Get Sued

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This course on Medscape covers the vital information that physicians need at every step of the way to win or avoid a judgment against them if they are named in a lawsuit. It will also describe effective steps to take to avoid getting sued. Physicians will gain detailed knowledge of the elements of a malpractice lawsuit and the best course of action at each juncture; how to prepare for depositions and trial; and the types of settlements that they may have to choose.

In this course:

  • How plaintiffs win their cases, requirements to prove negligence, and the role of expert witnesses;
  • Key issues in lawsuits with multiple defendants and steps to be wary of as a lawsuit progresses;
  • The role of mediation and arbitration, types of settlements, and the pros and cons of each; and
  • Preparing for depositions and trial, your right to appeal, and how to prevent a lawsuit.

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