A sad but true consequence of the socially connected world we live in


The following satirical cartoon appeared recently on the website, DiagnosticImaging.com. It brings to light the fact that physicians have more than lawsuits to worry about in the present age of social media that is so ingrained in our daily life. While a lawsuit would undoubtedly be more catastrophic to any physician’s practice, a bad review on the major review sites or social media with undoubtedly be harmful to prospective patients that are looking your practice up prior to making a decision prior to selecting their physician or provider.

While you can never please everybody, every physician’s practice should make efforts to create a positive customer relationship with their patients, past or present and seek to immediately rectify any negative situations before a disgruntled patient decides to make the situation public by posting negative reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other dedicated physician review sites such as HealthGrades and vitals.com.