9 ways how doctors have it worse than any other profession

    small screaming doctor holding placard and looking up at big legs over dark grey background

    An interesting article appeared in Modern Medicine showing how physicians have it worse than any other profession.For example, what if every other profession had to go through maintenance of certification every Few years to keep their job? What if police officers had to compete with the expertise of random people the same way physicians had to deal with Dr. Google? How about if Employers denied paid to employees the same way physicians are denied reimbursement by the insurance companies?What if controlling a plane or traffic lights whereas complicated and lacking interoperability like electronic medical records? What if firefighters had to obtain preauthorization before they were allowed to put out a fire? What if the weatherman could get sued for inaccurate weather forecasting? How about if your lawyer needed to exceed a certain threshold of cases won or else be reported to the bar and lose his license to practice?

    Taking this further, what about Stark law? While I am not in favor of any kickback scheme, these are rampant in other professions, For example affiliate programs and Referral fees and other perks in business, political lobbyists in Washington and that the state level, etc.

    You may also have heard about financial advisers and the fiduciary law that was proposed that would have made them all subject to acting in the best interest of their client? Can you imagine a physician that would be allowed to perform any operation not necessarily in the patient’s best interest but if it was a reasonable thing to do? That would not only be unethical, but it would be downright illegal. But then again, physicians are not financial advisers or lawyers. One thing that made me laugh with incredulity was that lawyers revolted when their Bar Association proposed an amendment that it would be considered unethical if a lawyer have sex with their clients!!! Makes you wonder what goes on….